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Sooz is a Social Loans Platform where you can Borrow Cheap Loans and Lend your Money for great returns
We are LAUNCHING BETA (V 1) on 8th December 2020. Subscribe to our newsletter for instant updates.
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Sooz Marketplace Ltd is a Kenyan registered company, . Sooz App provides a community loans platfrm where you can Borrow Cheap Loans or Lend your Money for great profits. #CommunityLoans #LoansMarket #SocialLoans #PeertoPeerLending #INVESTINGinYOU.


Location: Kenya, Nairobi
Mombasa Rd. Vision Plaza, 1st Floor
Suite 59


Phone: 0700-338-900
Phone: 0700-338-216
WhatsApp: support link

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Beta V1.0.0

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Sooz Launches Beta v1 on 8th of December 2020. Signup to win a fabulous space flight into outer space for you & a friend!
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